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  Returning Unwanted Products

One of the disadvantages of buying shoes online is that you often do not have the opportunity to them on before you purchase. The good news is that, when you purchase online from Around Twelve Ltd, this risk is reduced.

We will give a 100% refund* of the purchase price of your returned product, provided that:

  • Any tags attached to the products remain attached;
  • Products are received within 28 days of the purchase date (as shown on the invoice); and
  • Products are in their original condition.
  • The box has been wrapped or placed in a courier bag (the return address has not been written on or attached to the shoe box and no packaging tape is on the shoe box)  - a 25% reduction on the purchase price will apply otherwise.

* Only the price of the returned products is 100% fully refundable. Freight costs are not refundable.

A returns card is included with all purchases made online. If you do not want to keep your purchase, fill out the returns card and send it, along with your purchase, to Around Twelve.

You must pay for any freight costs associated with returning products, unless you are returning faulty products . It is highly recommended that returns are sent by tracked courier.

It is also recommended that you contact us  to let us know that you are returning your purchase. We will then notify you if the purchase has not arrived within one week, so that you can contact the courier to track the parcel. Around Twelve does not accept any responsibility for returned goods lost in transit.

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  Returning Faulty Products

Around Twelve Ltd checks all products for faults before distributing them. However, if you receive faulty products, please contact us as soon as possible to arrange for free return of your products.

If goods are faulty, a 100% refund of the product price AND of freight costs will be given, providing that:

  • Any tags attached to the products remain attached; and
  • Products are received within 28 days of the purchase date (as shown on the invoice).

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  Receiving your Refund

If you paid for your purchase online using a credit card, your refund will be paid back onto your credit card. 


However, if you made payment by other means, there are several options for receiving your refund. These include:

  • Cheque;
  • Depositing refund directly into your bank account;
  • Choosing to credit your account with Around Twelve by the amount of the refund. This credit can then be used to purchase (or contribute towards the purchase of) other products;
  • Requesting a different size / colour (of the same style).

Freight costs will apply to any replacement / alternative products sent.

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  Exchanging Products

You may exchange returned products for other products, providing that:

  • The price of the exchanged product is the same, or less than, that of the original product*.
  • Any tags attached to the returned products remain attached;
  • Returned products are received within 28 days of the purchase date (as shown on the invoice); and
  • Returned products are in their original condition.

* Any difference in prices will be refunded, after allowing for any freight costs. Freight costs donít apply if the product is being exchanged for the same product in a different size (as outlined below).

If you are exchanging the product for a different style or a different colour, you must pay the associated freight costs. This includes the $8.00 charge for sending the original product, freight costs to return the product and a $8.00 charge for sending the replacement product.

If you need to exchange the product for the same product in a different size, Around Twelve will cover the cost of freight to send you the exchanged product! You will therefore only pay the freight charge of $8.00 to receive the original product, plus any freight costs associated with returning the original product. We will pay the freight for sending you the replacement product.

This minimises the risk associated with selecting the wrong size.

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